FiberNET Communications Infrastructure

  • FiberNET's own Fiber Optic Network covers the entire city of Bucharest, and can be extended through partners all across the country and internationally
  • The network is designed as a multi-ring structure providing data transmission redundancy
  • Over 75% of all fiber optic infrastructure uses the underground NetCity network

FiberNET Communications Services

  • FiberNET provides a full range of data transmission services for customers operating from geographically dispersed, high bandwidth metropolitan locations.
  • FiberNET offers highly reliable connectivity solutions of large capacity bandwidth up to 100 Gb Ethernet.
  • The network is monitored 24X7, the SLA can reach 99.99999% due to the centralized management capabilities and the redundant topology.


High availability for large data communication volumes
Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Flexible, scalable and multiple range data capacity options
24/7 Monitoring and Support Services - FiberNET's own support center is operational 24 X 7